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May 06, 2011



Honestly I'm surprised you are such a big fan of the FMP. I tried it out for a week recently and was not a big fan. To me it felt cheap, had poor resolution, and the USB display drivers really slowed down the system. If they offered at least 1440x900 resolution and VGA connection, I would recommend it in a heartbeat.

Brian Tankersley

Since I already have the DisplayLink drivers installed on my main PC (HP uses Displaylink for the video built into their docking stations), I've not noticed any performance hit from the USB drivers. I think they have to have a USB connection so that the keypad works OK.

I agree on the point about VGA, but I think this will all be fixed with USB 3.0. Personally, I would rather have an HDMI input, but I see your point about that.

I think the 1280x800 resolution actually is good, and definitely good enough. The limitation here is that the amount of data going through it might very well slow things down if it used a higher resolution.

Interesting that you find that it felt cheap - as it was light, but still felt substantial enough to feel like the screen was getting some protection. Having held the alternatives in my hand (Toshiba, Samsung), I can tell you that FMP felt like it would take a lot more physical abuse than either one of the competitors. I hope to confirm that during my travels this year.

Thanks for the comment, and keep reading! BFT

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